High and dry

Well, I’ve finally made it across the Atlantic to Brazil all the way to the tropical Jungle city of Manaus, excess baggage and self all intact, apart from getting all my baggage nicely wedged in the lift doors for 20 minutes at a hotel in Rio much to the amusement of myself and the hotel staff.

I’m staying in Manaus for a few days to sort out a few things and drop off a spare kit pack before heading to the city at the mouth of the Amazon – Belem ( more excess bag fees! )
Clive Maguire ( author of the excellent Amazon handbook ) and his family have very generously put me up, and put up with me for a few days.

It’s the end of the dry season here so river levels are low but they will start to rise rapidly with the oncoming rainy season, so I need to get to my proposed start point ASAP as parts of south-eastern Marajo isle will soon be under water.

The view from the plane as I was crossing the rainforest was amazing, I felt high and dry but I’m sure pretty soon that state of mind and body will change.

Also just a quick big thankyou to Tom Allen and Tenny Adamian for helping me get this website up and running in between their other projects.

See Tom’s latest film trailer Karun


Touch down. Tam Brazil plane


Pete_Clive_Aaron_1024 (1)

Clive Maguire and his son Aaron at Manaus airport

4 comments on ‘High and dry’:

  1. Clive Maguire

    Well done Pete.
    See you again in a wee while, okay?
    Clive, Naice and Aaron.

  2. Cornell

    You are no longer in Manaus. How was the city? Much has changed?



    • Pete

      Hi Cornell. I didn’t have much time there, but plan to stay for a week when i arrive there next year.


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