Organising my kit at Victory Hall in Balcombe Sussex.

It’s taken me quite some time to research and select the expedition kit I will carry – in fact on and off over the last few years, mainly because I’m trying to travel as light as possible and keep costs down. But there are some really impressive products out there and it’s tempting to take more than is needed.

I considered attempting this challenge  only with a hammock, machete, compass and the clothes I’d be wearing, but realistically to achieve my goal and share the journey and show my path I need to carry more.

I will be using Hennessy hammocks deep jungle hammock, Altberg jungle boots, Silva compass, physical maps for Peru from Instituto Nacional Geografico Peru and a Garmin GPS unit plus a satellite communication unit, Osprey and Macpac backpacks, Alpaca pack-raft.

A comprehensive list will be published further into the expedition with links to where I purchased the kit.