Piotr Chmielinski & Canoandes.



Many thanks to Piotr Chmielinski for supporting me sending out new replacement kit supplies and generous financial donations during the course of the expedition.



NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory


Thank you to Bruce Chapman at NASA Jet Propulsion laboratory for giving me exclusive access to the wetlands data and helping me get to grips with using the data in conjunction with Google Earth.


John Stanford Music

Thanks to John Stanford for allowing me the use of his amazing music in the introduction video. Check out his incredible music at johnstanfordmusic.com.


Hennessy Hammocks

Thank you to Tom Hennessy at Hennessy Hammocks for the amazing and very comfortable Deep Jungle Hammock. http://www.hennessyhammock.com/


Altberg boots

Thank you to Altberg for supplying a pair of the worlds best handmade Jungle boots.


Ramona Marks

Web content help for this site was provided at a sweet discount by RamonaMarks.com.


Reserva Natural Jungle Lodge

Thanks to Axel for the use of facilities at the wonderful jungle lodge in Palmari


Thanks to Jon at the amazing navigating tool FatMap for the wavering the annual subscription for downloads



Thanks to Water-To-Go for sending out to Peru, a few of these amazing bottles & spare filters.



Thank you to the El Cauchero hotel in Iquitos Peru for accommodating me for a few nights. This spacious, peaceful and economical hotel overlooks the historical boat museum and Itaya river. Great bar, pool and breakfast included! Click logo below to visit the website.





Expedition donations

A sincere thank you to all who have made a donation to the expedition via PayPal or BACS on the support page or the Fundrazr page. Names will appear here unless otherwise requested to remain private. If i have accidentally forgotten anybody please contact me.     Info@ascentoftheamazon.com


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Apologies if i have forgotten to add anyone who has kindly donated, please let me know via the contact page.