I will list any guides/walking companions  I hire on this page. The locations and dates.


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Name:  Edilson Apelido.

Guide:  From the start to Soure: Dec 2015

Home:  Pesqueiro fishing community, Marajó Isle Brazil

Blogs:  Against the tide,  Inn at the deep end






Name:  Jose Roberto

Guide:  From Ponta de Pedros to Muana: Dec 2015

Home:  Ponta De Pedras, Marajo Isle Brazil

Blog:  Açaí, river pirates, Cobras and the evangelist





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Name:  Edson Lima.

Guide:  From Soure to Piria:  Dec-Jan 2016  &  Breves to Portel March 2016 Alanquer to Oriximina July-August 2016

Home:  Soure and Pesquero, Marajó Isle Brazil

Blogs:   Water world & Buffalo, a Fiesta and a walk & Searching for Terra Firma Alter de Chao and the road ahead & The kindness of strangers 





Name:  Jesuio Niesdos Santos

Guide:  From Piria to Breves:  Feburary 2016

Home:  Piria,  Marajó Isle Brazil

Blogs:  The poor tread lightest





Name:  Paulo Sergio

Guide:  From Portel to Porto De Moz & Almirim: April-May 2016

Home:  Portel, Para Brazil

Blogs:  Caxiuanã National Forest &  Snakes and ladders & Xingu “The great water”






IMG_5041Name: Antonio Aragao Barbos

Guide:  Almirim to Alenquer (Santarem) June-July 2016

Home:  Almeirim Para Brazil

Blogs:   Swimming the Amazon & joining the dots: Walking dangerous- Andando perigosa 

Scrambled heads in Santarem







Name:  Rosivaldo Ferreira Da Silva

Guide:  Oriximina to Manaus  October-November 2016

Home:  Oriximina Para Brazil

Blogs:  Faro-Way  &  Water or Gold  &  Manaus “Heart of the Amazon”




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Name: Ricardo Cayetano Estonion

Guide/Companion Igapo Asu to Santa Luzea Rio Purus January- February 2017

Home: Colombia South America

Blog: Light at the end of the jungle




Name:  Jhonatan Vidinha Rodrigues

Guide:  Aruma to Coari Sept-October 2017 & Coari to Tefe December 2017

Home: Beruri (Rio Purus) Brazil

Blogs:  The lay of the land & Walking under water




Name: Erland Ribeiro da Cunha

Guide: Coari to Tefe December 2017

Home: Beruri (Rio Purus) Brazil

Blog:  The lay of the land





Name: Everaldo Da Cunha

Guide: Tefe to Amatura January-April 2018

Home: Beruri (Rio Purus) Brazil

Blogs: Ordem e Progresso : Bridge over Troubled Waters : The Emerald City







Name:     Crispin  Fetilaino (Indigenous Ticuna)

Guide:     Amatura to Sao Paulo de Olivencia July 2018 & SP de Olivencia to Fejioal August 2018

Home:     Comunidade (Ticuna) Tambaqui : Rio Amatura: Amazonas: Brazil

Blogs:     Rivers in the Sky  The Law off the Jungle






Name:   Jonny Tertuliano (indigenous Ticuna)

Guide:   Sao Paulo de Olivenca: to Feijaol August 2018

Home:    Comunidade (Ticuna) Tambaqui : Rio Amatura: Amazonas

Blogs:   The Law of the Jungle





Name:    Diego Raimundo Dos Santos

Guide:    Feijoal to Benjamin Constant . Benjamin C to Eastiron  (Rio Yavari) October- November 2018

Estiron to San Pablo then Alto Monty Israel to Rio Orosa. Dec to March 19

Rio Orosa to Iquitos June- July 2019.

Home:    Atalaia De Norte & Palmari-Rio Yavari  Brazil

Blogs:    Rumble In The Jungle.   Eyes Of The Jaguar.   Jungle All The Way    Still Waters Run Deep  





Name: Jorge Louis Shica

Guide: Nauta to Santa Elena. Sept-December 2019

Home: Nauta, Loreto, Peru

Blogs:  Guardians Of The Forest  & Billion Star Accommodation 






Name:   Pizarro Huaninche (Indigenous Kapanawa)

Guide:   Santa Elena to Limon Cocha -Rio Tapiche Feburary 2020 Then San Antonio Alto Rio Tapiche to Contamana then to Pucallpa October-November 2020

Home:    Limon Cocha (Kapanowa)  Rio Tapiche Loreto.

Blogs: The Elixir Of Life  &  Marooned in the Amazon





Name:     Gadiel Sanchez Rivera

Guide:      Pucallpa city to Rio Sheshera March 2021

Home:      Pucallpa Peru

Blogs:      Alas De Esperanza-Wings Of Hope & The Green Ocean









Name.  Miques Quentisha Levi

Indigenous Ashaninka.

Home.  Central Selva Verde Rio Urubamba. Peru.

Guide. Rio Sheshea to Puerto Ocupa Rio Tambo. June-July 2021 Then Puerto Ocupa- Rio Ene to Pichari. Sept-Oct 2021

Blogs. Asháninka Brother to All & River Deep Mountain High & Apurimac “God Speaks



Ñame: Brendesi Cayllahua Onofre. (Indigenous Quechua).

Home: Arequipa Peru

Guide: Cabanaconde to Vicaro (1 week) June 2022

Blog: Summit to Sea

Work: Pro mountain guide
Contact: brendesicayllahua@gmail.com