Getting to the start line

The journey to reach the start line has been a very long road with many a winding turn.

Educational, exciting, expensive, self doubt, exhausting, fun, disappointment, frustration, guilt. Sometimes it feels like an invisible force beyond my control driving me forward, why am I doing this, what’s the point! Well maybe I can answer this in more detail when I finish my little walk.

Tying up loose ends with work, selling my home, training, route planning, learning another language, deciding what and how much kit and spare kit to take, letting go, letting go of other, probably much more sensible life and work opportunities, relationships, financial and home security, basically selling my sole to the devil, at times it all feels too much of price to pay, much more than I originally thought. But I suppose actually getting to the start line is all part of the journey.

Update March 2015.  Due to unforeseen events I have postponed the start until later in 2015, this will give me time to earn a bit more money and try to get a few sponsors onboard. This delay has not dampened my enthusasiam, I’m still very keen to get going.


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