What lies beneath

Doing a bit of research and planning before going on a journey is probably a good idea, but with such a vast wealth of information at your fingertips it’s tempting to delve a bit too deep into the wonderland of the Internet, and by the time you re-surface you realise you’ve lost a good few hours of your precious life down that rabbit hole, retrieving more information than you really need right now.

I started with a Google search for ‘Fish of the Amazon’ and ended up watching the complete YouTube series of Amazon River Monsters! And other videos that would put the hardiest of person off from going anywhere near the Amazon river let alone swimming in it.
As a result of now being overly aware of what lies beneath the surface of my iPad as well as the water. I just hope I don’t get too many sleepless nights in my hammock recalling images of flesh ripping, blood sucking, strangulating, electrocuting, razor toothed creatures from those YouTube videos.


Im sure most of these creatures are harmless to humans, in fact some of them just eat the fruit fallen from trees in the flooded forest.

Im off out into the real world for a run, leaving the other world of infinite information at home just below the black silky surface of my iPad, sitting on the coffee table tempting me to delve in once again on my return, but I will resist! For a while at least.

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