No Piraña here!

The unusually warm autumnal sun was setting on the horizon, a flock of migrating birds in arrow formation fly above, beyond that a 747 jet is circling approaching Gatwick airport and above that, well, the whole universe I guess.

I was half way into a 2K open water swim at Weir Wood reservoir and thinking this is great, why haven’t I done this before!
I will probably be doing many river crossings in the Amazon, small, medium, large, extra large and- gigantic!

Open water swimming is something I’ve never had the time or energy to do up until Late August 2014, so I decided to take the plunge and train twice a week for a month in preparation for the many river crossings in Brazil and Peru.
Fortunately there are no Pirañas, Caiman, Anacondas, or Stingrays lurking beneath the water at this reservoir, no tidal bores or dangerous currents either, but for stamina swim training it’s a great venue.
I think I’m addicted now, on my return to the UK I plan to keep going.

Thanks to Marcus for your support and for organising a final group swim for my sake, and to the other swimmers for coming along, I know I didn’t quite make the 4K but hey … Next time!

Two of the other swimmers, me in the middle.

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