News about the Fundraiser!

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Since launching the fundraiser for the final stage of the expedition, generous followers have already donated an amazing £1,175. It is enough to get Pete going again, but he still desperately needs funds to pay guides, supplies, insurance, other logistical costs and monthly satellite fees to tackle the stretch that will take him up into the Andes and help him finish the expedition.

The gear goes on an inflatable raft when he swims across rivers.

If you haven’t already seen it, please check out the Fundrazer page and share, share, share!  (Or consider donating – every £5 is appreciated and acknowledged).

Pete will be walking (or swimming) again by the time you read this, but he would like to personally thank the following people for their incredible generosity:  Piotr Chmielinski,  Aldo Gualtieri,  Kathleen OBrien, and Kirstie McAllister.

Many thanks to you guys, and please remember to register/follow/subscribe and share the Ascent of the Amazon page, the fundraiser page, the twitter posts, and anything else you can, to help us! 

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