A flying visit to Peru

The LAN Peru Airbus A330 flight from Madrid started its decent over the mountainous terrain that surrounds Lima.

This flying machine still amazes and excites me, what an incredible piece of engineering, all the raw materials extracted from the earth and woven together by human imagination and ingenuity.

My mobile phone automatically switches to the Movistar network, the language has changed to Spanish and hordes of taxi drivers are desperate for my custom.

After 18 hours travelling from London, feeling a bit uncomfortable about my growing carbon footprint and shrinking bank balance, I have arrived ( for the second time in a year ) in the city of Lima.

Map of Lima In Peru

A vast and expanding metropolis on the Pacific Coast of Peru in South America, gateway to some of the most amazing places on this earth, including Machu Pecchu, the Nazca lines, Easter Island the Andes mountains and of course the Amazon Rainforest.

I’ve come here to collect the Topographic maps I will need for the Peruvian part of the walk, make a few contacts and drop off spare kit and maps for storage.
I was also here just under a year ago when I spent several days in the Peruvian Amazon on jungle survival training. (See post here)
My Spanish has not improved much since my last visit so I’m sure I will have a few issues communicating with people and the staff at the Instituto Geográfico Nacional Peru when I arrive there.
Will I find the right place, will I get the right maps?
I’m off to find an ice cold Inka Cola first!

Lima Airport wide view
Lima airport


The Instituto geográfico Nacional Lima


At the Pacific coast in Peru where my journey will finish



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